Polly Thompson

A multi-lingual journalist with an MA in International Journalism from City, University of London. 

I have experience reporting abroad in Argentina and the US, and reported on Latin America, culture, tech, politics, and space. 

I'm passionate about broadcast journalism and finding creative ways to share important stories and make complex topics approachable for viewers and listeners.

I was just nominated by my course head for the Foreign Press Association's 'Future Foreign Correspondent (student) of the Year' award for a video report on Louisiana's death row.


A developer built a 'propaganda machine' using OpenAI tech to highlight the dangers of mass-produced AI disinformation

• A developer built an AI-powered propaganda machine in less than two months.
• Using OpenAI tools like ChatGPT, the model cost less than $400 a month to operate.
• The project was designed to show people how easy it is to create mass propaganda.

A developer has built an AI "disinformation machine" using OpenAI-powered technology like ChatGPT.

The project, named CounterCloud, took its creator two months to complete and cost less than $400 a month to operate, highlighting how cheap and simple

Billionaire CEOs said working from home made them happier. Some now want to fire workers who don't show up to the office.

• Many CEOs have changed their tune on working from home.
• At the height of the pandemic, bosses such as Mark Zuckerberg declared remote work was the future.
• Some firms are threatening to fire or discipline staff who don't show up at the office.

After more than three years of flexible-work policies, many white-collar employees see working from home as the status quo.

Bosses, it turns out, no longer agree.

Many of the CEOs who vocally praised and encouraged remote work as a way to avoid to

I give all my employees August off on full pay. Here's how it works and why it's boosted productivity.

• Jo Hunter was already offering her employees remote working and a four-day week.
• Last year the social enterprise cofounder introduced an 11-month year with no reduction to salaries.
• Hunter repeated the move this year and says taking a month off is a revelation – and good for business.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Jo Hunter, CEO and cofounder of , about her decision to let all staff take August off on full pay. The following account has been edited for length and

Why Gen X and boomers stand to benefit from the use of AI in the workplace

• Older generations have historically been slower to adapt to major technological change.
• But experts say that AI won't cause another digital gap between generations.
• Some even warn it's Gen Z that should expect the most trouble when it comes to adapting to AI.

Some of the most innovative minds in tech are those with a lifetime of experience. However, we've all also had our patience tested by a parent using just one forefinger to slowly prod at their phone screen.

Pew Research studies hav